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 -Xarces, The Beast-

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Tidus [Uvill]
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PostSubject: -Xarces, The Beast-   Tue Aug 12, 2008 6:58 pm

Video Game/Anime: None

Video Game/Anime Description: None

Birth Name: None

Nickname: None

Changed Name: Xarces

Main Storylines: Coming soon!

RPG Status: (See Tidus, The Chosen One)

Birthplace: Hojo's Laboratory

Hometown: None

Age: ?

Height: 5' 9"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Class: Assassin

Description: Xarces is a clone of Tidus, made by Hojo himself. His sole purpose was to seek and destroy Cloud Strife. He was unsuccessful in this, being that his emotions kicked in. He was named by Cloud, and is now a part of the crew. He looks exactly like Tidus, same height, same weight, besides his flowing black hair.

Weapon: Fisticuffs

Abilities: Stealth, Sentinel, Focus, Beast-Transformation

Materia: None

Summon Abilities: None

Trance: His attack power and speed grow, allowing him to perform more accurate assassination attempts. His form in Trance, consists of him having transformed into a beast creature, glowing.

Releases: None

Release Description: None

Theme Song: Coming soon!

Battle Theme: Coming soon!

Victory Fanfare: Coming soon!

A strong opponent...
A trustworthy ally...
Holder of one of the Legendary Blades...
Wielder of the Zanarkand Style...
Protector of the Crystals...
Creator of the Legion Magick...
E:Grand Blade

Experience: Release Level 4 [400]
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-Xarces, The Beast-
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