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 Official Forum Rules [READ IT]

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Tidus [Uvill]
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Tidus [Uvill]

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules [READ IT]   Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:40 pm

Edit this page if you must, Dan.

1. Do not SPAM. - Will not be tolerated. Don't advertise any sites unless by moderators. If you think it'd be "cool" to join or something, put it in Random. Only.

2. Do not double-post. - It's very annoying, and I dislike telling others this, but wait until a reply is sent after yours. If you must post an update, edit your previous post.

3. Do not make clone accounts - Dan and myself are able to change your forum name. So there's no need to make another. And only make an account if you wish to stay on the forums/RPG.

4. Do not keylog/hack - This will also not be tolerated. Any tampering with the forums results in SUPER BAN from the forums and RPG itself. DO NOT TRY IT.

Any questions/comments/concerns, you will contact Dan and myself via Habbo. Thank you for your time in reading this. See you in-game.

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Official Forum Rules [READ IT]
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