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 ~Frederik vs Zeik~

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Zeik Hunter
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PostSubject: ~Frederik vs Zeik~   Mon Aug 04, 2008 4:45 pm

The competent half-elf walked into the dirt arena. It felt like a cave, but it was just the Raider's hiedout. He flipped his head one way to catch his bangs in the rest of his hair, bearing no expression. He looked around to the audience."Hmph, this place gets more and more depressing every time I come in. C'mon, show SOME signs of life!" The audience reluctantly cheered on this half-elf's ego. He beckoned a warrior standing on the opposite side of the circle. The armored Raider drew a rapier and charged at Frederik. Within a couple shots of his lance, Frederik had the warrior on the ground. Frederik smiled, showing every perfect tooth in his mouth. No fangs in sight.

"Zeik, just remember that jump trick I taught you. In a few moves, you'll have this airhead downed." Cutlass showed support for Zeik, but he kept silent, looking ahead to the arena outside the tunnel.
"Well, wish me luck," Zeik calmly spoke, still walking and looking ahead.
"Yeah, you got this! Go for it, Zeik!" Cutlass raised her fist in the air and cheered.

Zeik stepped a few steps into the light of a skylight too high to reach without wings. Frederik stopped his monkeying about and glared at Zeik. "Whoa-ho-ho, it's a bloodsucker! What's wrong with you, the light got you down?" Frederik waved his hands to the audience, but they stood silent, staring at the situation.
"What a strategy. Hit him where it hurts before he draws a weapon. Bravo." Zeik looked into Frederik's eyes with a scowl. In a moment, both swords appeared in a puff of smoke. He slashed with his right, sending a black wave toward Frederik. Frederik stepped to the left and watched it go by.
"Ha, Izeikiel missed. Of course, what do I expect from a white-haired bat! Wait, lemme guess, 'You vant to suck my vlood?'" At this point, the crowd was throwing rocks at Frederik for insulting the majority of the Raiders. Frederik finally ran up at smacked Zeik with his lance. Zeik fell to the ground, struggling. Zeik's eyes became blood red and his fangs grew substantialy. He growled and hissed with pain. Cutlass saw his pain and the power he was supressing.
"Now look what you're doing, Fredi! He's hurting. He wants to kill you!"
"Now, now, you don't need to get defensive, chick. Just because your little boyfriend grew fangs in his sleep doesn't mean he can hurt me! Here, take this and shaddap!" He threw a rock at Cutlass, which hit her in the head. She collapsed in her seat. Zeik looked at Cutlass, who slipped onto the ground. He immediately stared at Frederik, and started panting. His flesh became clammy and his muscles bulged out. His shirt was ripped off by the wings that sprouted from his shoulders. Wolves howled from the skiylight as the Sun was blocked by a dark cloud. Zeik's blades also grew to compromise for the growth of their owner. Zeik became a true vampire.

Zeik pounced on Frederik and slashed upward, sending the cocky half-elf out the skylight. Zeik flew upward and began slashing and stabbing at an inhuman rate of speed. Zeik went higher and kicked Frederik down into the arena. Frederik made a crater at impact, which made a dust cloud appear. When it faded away, a human-looking Zeik stood on his chest, showing his fangs to the victim. He grabbed the half-elf by his neck and put his fangs on his throat. Then he drew back without making a mark. He threw Frederik to the ground. "You don't deserve to have eternal life. You'd just abuse these powers like the competent, egotistic, little jerk you are. No, I'll let you die. Unless, of course, you've had a change of heart?" Frederik was weeping on his knees.
"Please, please, don't kill me. I'll join your team. I'm at your beckoned call. I'll defend you with my life. Just don't kill me, and don't turn me!" Frederik planted his head in the dirt, bowing down to Zeik. Zeik walked away from the victim and went to Cutlass's side. "Is that a yes?"
"Cutlass, you alright? I dealt with that jerk Frederik. He won't be giving me anymore crap." Cutlass slowly came to, and looked around. When Cutlass realized she was in Zeik's arms, she jumped up and brushed off the dirt. Zeik jumped up as well, and covered his mouth to hide the blushing. "You, uh, may want to get that bump on your head looked at"
"Heh heh, right. Thanks, Zeik." Zeik walked out the tunnel, right after giving a thumbs-up to a sobbing half-elf groveling in the dirt.

"Hmph. New guy."

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Cloud Strife
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PostSubject: Re: ~Frederik vs Zeik~   Tue Aug 05, 2008 4:06 pm

Great Job. Smile


Cloud Strife
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PostSubject: haha.   Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:18 am

that was nice. i think mine is to long Sad lol
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Tidus [Uvill]
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PostSubject: Re: ~Frederik vs Zeik~   Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:14 am

Frederick. Mehehehehe.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Frederik vs Zeik~   

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~Frederik vs Zeik~
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