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 -Vincent Valentine, The Powerful-

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Vincent Valentine
Chaos Weilder
Vincent Valentine

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PostSubject: -Vincent Valentine, The Powerful-   -Vincent Valentine, The Powerful- I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 4:10 pm

Game: Final Fantasy VII, Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Hometown: Unknown (He is apparently living in Kalm in DOC)

Bloodtype: AB

Birthdate: October 13th

Height: 6' 0''

Eyes Color: Crimson Red

Job: Unemployed, Ex-Turk

Age: Actual Age Is 57, But Looks 27

Background: The son of Grimoire Valentine, a Shin-Ra scientist, Vincent grew up to become a member of "The Turks"(A shady organization within Shin-Ra known for activities such as espionage, assasination, kidnapping, and various others). After he was assigned to oversee the Jenova Project stationed at Nibelheim, he fell in love with one of the scientists working there, a woman by the name of Lucria Crescent, the assistant to Professor Gast. But Lucrecia rejected Vincent out of guilt born years earlier when Grimoire died while saving her life. Instead a relationship was eventually formed between her and her colegue Hojo. Eventually she became pregnant, and deemed to be used as a test subject for the Jenova Project. Vincent objected the use of humans on the project, especially Lucrecia and her child. But despite his protests Lucrecia proceeded with the experiments and became ill afterwards. Enraged Vincent confronted Hojo in the underground labratory at Shin-Ra Mansion. Hojo quickly ended the conflict by pulling a gun and shooting Vincent down, and from there he placed him in a large experimental capsule for use in Hojo's experiments based on Grimoires research on the Lifestream. The resulting exposure caused Vincent to mutate, allowing him to change into alternate forms when enraged (Galian beast, Hellmasker, Death Gigas, a red form using his cloak, and possibly others). Lucrecia wanting to revive vincent exposed him to the G Substance, a form of contaminated Mako which revived Vincent, but also caused him to become the host for Chaos, a monster born to pave the way for Omega WEAPON by killing all living things. But Hojo had predicted such actions, the main reasons for his experiments on Vincent were to create a body capable of housing Chaos. Under the influence of Chaos, Vincent became enraged and broke out of his confinement. To stop him Lucrecia used the Proto Materia (a special materia created by the planet to control Chaos), the result calming him and inducing a deep sleep. When he awoke on te operating table alone, he responded to his mutated body with anguish and rage. Being unable to save Lucrecia he entered a coffin for 30 years as a punishment and attonement for his sin. Years later he was stumbled upon by Cloud and company in the basement of Shin-Ra mansion. At first he rejected their offer to join and sent them away, but learning about their involvement with Shin-Ra and Sephiroth he joins them because of the possibility of an encounter with Hojo. Not much is known about his time spent the two years after Sephiroth was defeated, only he traveled the world alone. And during the new crises he played a crucial part in the events to come. Saving Cloud, and later discovered, Tseng and Elena from Kadaj's gang. He further helped by revealing the nature of Geostigma, and even Kadaj and the SHM as the will oh Sephiroth manifest.

Weapon: Death Penalty

Weapon Desc: .38 Revolver

Theme Song: Final Fantasy VII - Vincent's Theme

Battle Song: FFVII - Battle Theme.

Victory Theme: FFVII - The Victory Fanfare.

Limit Break: Chaos

-Vincent Valentine, The Powerful- M_d3d92441b6051574ad2b97e3d71d88c1


[Vincent Valentine]
[Death Penalty]

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Tidus [Uvill]
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Divine Protector
Tidus [Uvill]

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PostSubject: Re: -Vincent Valentine, The Powerful-   -Vincent Valentine, The Powerful- I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 2:26 am

Nice bio and siggy. XD

A strong opponent...
A trustworthy ally...
Holder of one of the Legendary Blades...
Wielder of the Zanarkand Style...
Protector of the Crystals...
Creator of the Legion Magick...
E:Grand Blade

Experience: Release Level 4 [400]
-Vincent Valentine, The Powerful- Tall_tidus
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-Vincent Valentine, The Powerful-
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