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 Victor skye

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PostSubject: Victor skye   Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:06 am

Game: Final Fantasy 7

Name: Victor skye

main storyline:When he was 11 years old He Witnessed Sepheroth's Power, he destroyed his Hometown and his parents,his brother dissapeared also.he swore he would become the most powerfull knight and defeat sepheroth, he quickly found a teacher who was legendary,after his training is done his teacher gave him a engraved katana that looked like flames,he remembers the engraved sign as the unfaithful day he saw Sepheroth.he currently trying to find sepheroth.

RPG status: [Rps atleast 4 lines ]

Hometown: ????

family: [Parents-Dead,Brother-???? ]

training: [Trained by his teacher]

Experience: 1

specialty: [Swords-craft]

Age: 21


Eye Color: Crystal blue

Hair Color: Dark brown


Class: Rogue Knight

Description:Can be Trustworthy,Thinks to hard.

Weapons:Engraved Katana,Dagger attached to Vest(Used for Throwing)

Weapon Descriptions:the katana his Very Uniqe from other Katanas,it has an engraved flames on it.

Magicks: None Yet

Overdrives:1.Sonic boom! 2.Fan of knives

Overdrive Descriptions:Sonic boom:Darts to you and slashes 2 times in a cross form, Jumps back doing a flip and says "Sonic boom!" appears behind the target. the target has a hole in his chest.

Fan of knives:Jumping in the air while crouching.spins in circles,griping all my knives. throws them out. hitting everything in long range.

Form 1: (katana's engraved goes on fire)

Form 2 (Endymion's Crusade) :

Form 3(Burden of death):

Theme Song Battle Theme song:
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Victor skye
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