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 Hero's War.

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Hero's War. Empty
PostSubject: Hero's War.   Hero's War. I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 8:48 am

"hey! you! gaurd!... over here!" Saito blurted out fro his cell.
"what do you want maggot!" a gaurd said.
"why am i here!" Saito demanded.
"dont try and play games with me kid, dont act like your innocent" taurd said.
"huh? what? what did i do? i cant remember" Saito said a little quiter.
"what do you meen you dont remember?" the gaurd said.
"all i remember was me and Sierra, we went in this lab... then... it all goes blank" Saito said.
"really!? you completly destroyed the whole building in a blinding white light, then you flew in the air and attacked several towns, we found you knoked out near an airship." the gaurd said.
Saito looking at himself just now, noticing that his whole form had changed, and he hardly noticed the power of the markings, if that power was even it.
"we might need your power, thats why your here." the gaurd said.
"need my power, for what?" Saito asked.
"a war is going to happen, soon. i beleive within a years time." the gaurd said.
"i see, well what if i were to slip away?" Saito said.
"then we would terminate you, or we use the virus we put in your body, when triggered it parilizes you." the gaurd said.
"and if it didnt work?" Saito said.
"what do you meen no-" the gaurd was cut off.
Saito had grabbed the bar, ripped it off and slammed it into his head, killing him. Saito quickly burst through the rest of the bars and started escaping the prison.
"hes escaping! trigger the Virus! now!" a gaurd said.
Saito was running then green electricity formed all on his body. Saito felt a a little bit of pain but the lightning went away and Saio kept running.
"told you it wouldnt work!" Saito said while leaving the prison.
Saito pulled up his sleeve and pressed a button on a watch. a orb of light shot out and went in a certaint dereion. a few seconds later an airship flew in. Saito quicky leaped up onto as it flew by. walking acrossed the top hewent to the control room.
"Hey Saito, man you did change alot, just like Sierra." Cloud said.
when did Sierra change?" Saito said.
"we found her about an hour after you went on your bloody rampage." Cloud said.
"hi Saito" Sierra said while stepping out from behind Saito.
"Sier-" Saito started saying but stopped when he saw her.
"we both changed alot didnt we? hey, your marks arnt present above your skin. but you have these new red marks." Sierra said while rubbing the marks on Saitos face.
Saito turned and faced Cloud then spoke.
"so... whats this about a war? and why does this pathetic excuse for a government want me to help them?" Saito said irritated.
"Saito, there is a new group of people. they rose up recently and they are evil. you were in a semi coma state for a long time. we left you alone because we knew that the group here needed you for the potential war. Saito, your power was outstanding. you almost killed Zeik and Cutlass though. we didnt want to aggitate you so we left you be for 2 years. now your back. Cloud explained.
Saito turned around, walked past Sierra, and went through the airship door. Saito went to the training bay. Saito looked at a mirror and scanned over his new form. Saito looked at his arm then finaly noticed. he didnt have a chain coming out of it! his chain was gone! his scythe was gone! his two diamond katanas were gone as well! Saito reached to a new sheathed weapon. slowly Saito pulled it out and flicked it infront of him. it was a solid black bladed katana. Saito ran up to a small device. Saito stuck the sword in there and something scanned it. words started appearing on a screen.
-----magick type-------unkown.
-----solidity-------------extremely compressed unkown magick.
-----further details-----weighs nothing.----no more information.
Saito reached in and grabbed the sword. Saito clicked a button on the machine and blurred back to the main room. Saito appeard there and everybody waas reading it.
"Saito whats this?" Cloud said.
"you tell me..." Saito smercked while holding up his sword.
"my god Saito, where did ou get that?" Cloud said.
"i gess its a combination between, my cursed magick, my diamond katanas, my corrupted scythe, and my corrupted chain." Saito said calmly.
"this data is amazing. it says your blade is completly made of unknown compressed magick and has no weight. so this is your new weapon. ha." Cloud said.
[eh, not much. ill continue later]
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Hero's War.
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